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How to fix Norton error 8504 104?

Norton antivirus is considered one of the best and most reliable security service providers for various platforms such as Windows, macOS, Android, and many more. But along with all such benefits, there are few errors that most Norton antivirus users face, and with this post, we are going to have a look at error 8504 104, which is one of those most faced errors by Norton users.

Norton error 8504 104

In case if you are someone who faces the same issue and wants to know “How to fix Norton error 8504 104,” then make sure to follow this post till the end.

Why do we face Norton error 8504 104?

We are sure that most of the users must be unaware of why they face this issue of Norton error. So basically, they face this issue because of some other security software installed in your PC, not only that, in some cases, users can notice this error if there’s some missing file that has not been installed in Norton antivirus.

How to fix Norton security error 8504 104?

Here is the list of steps with the help of which you can fix Norton error 8504 104:

  1. Firstly you need to open the Norton Reinstall tool.
  1. In case if you do not have the Norton Reinstall tool, then you can get it online quickly from the official website
  1. After successful installation, you need to open the app and click on Advanced options.
  1. Under the advanced menu option, you will find Remove only feature, click on it.
  1. Within a few seconds you will be asked to restart your system, you need to restart.
  1. After restarting, the system will offer you some more steps for reinstalling your Norton antivirus.
  1. Once reinstalled, you need to do a few checks, such as system drivers latest update check and removing unwanted security applications.

We are sure with the help of these steps; you would be able to get rid of Norton error 8504.

Tips to follow:

Here is the list of tips you need to follow while dealing with Norton 360 error 8504 104:

  • Whenever you will download the norton remove and reinstall software make sure to download the latest version.
  • While installing the software you should install manually, with the help of this feature you would be able to know what kind of features you would be able to get along with this software.
  • You can delete unwanted security programs and features from the control panel of your system.
  • Norton error 8504 has various links with hd graphics card, so make sure the graphics card software is updated.
  • Whenever you are uninstalling the Norton antivirus make sure you are not having any important file within the program files of antivirus. As by uninstalling the software you will lose the important file too.

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