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How to Fix Norton Live Update Error?

Norton antivirus is a trusted malware protection tool that’s presently being used by tens of thousands of consumers. It includes of unmatchable features and perfectly satisfies its users. Being an award-winning security program, it protects your device from all of the harmful dangers and enables you operate safely on it. Like every other software Norton also releases its updates frequently to protect the system from unidentified bugs and antivirus, which can sometimes get stuck during the update procedure due to the update will not get done. To fix Norton live update error issue and protect your device, you can simply stick to the below-mentioned steps or get in contact with the specialist technicians around the Norton customer service number who are there to fix your queries 24*7.

fix Norton live update error

This is only one of the most common issues which renders the Norton Antivirus stuck on update. It averts the Norton Antivirus to get the files that are essential for your updates. To solve this:

Below are the steps to fix Norton Live Update Error

Method 1 – Turn Off Firewall

  • Open”System and Security” from the control panel.
  • Proceed to”Windows Firewall”
  • Switch the Windows Firewall On or Off.

Method 2 — Low Space On Hard Drive

Are you a person who keeps its apparatus full of files and folders, and always get a pop up to clean up space? You then might face this matter. To fix this issue, you can simply delete the files that are unused, or if necessary, you can back up the files within the cloud or may transfer it to your mobile hard drive. This will fix Norton Live update error on Windows computer.

Method 3 — Install And Remove The Norton Antivirus Software

If you cannot solve the issue even after trying all of the methods mentioned previously, then the best method to attack the glitch remove and re-install the Norton Antivirus Software. All you need to do is to keep and download the latest version of the software available. After the download is finished, install the software on your computer. This won’t cost you much pain if you don’t do not have your Product Key backed up on your system.

Therefore, if you’re troubled with the problem of Norton Antivirus stuck on the update, there’s nothing to be concerned about. Since this site will definitely help you in solving your problem if you get stuck anywhere or have any additional query, you can directly get in contact with the professional techies on the Norton support amount since they are there to solve your problem in seconds and give you a perfect solution to it.

Now you all know steps to fix Norton live update error.

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